Home office compulsory. Every problem is also an opportunity.

Labor Minister Heil issued an ordinance on January 20 for more home offices: employers must now offer this wherever possible. Exceptions should only be allowed for compelling operational reasons. However, employees cannot be forced to accept this offer. The pressure to put more home offices into practice has increased and it will [...]

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No more Atlassian Server licenses from February 2021

Atlassian already announced in October 2020 on the company's blog that things are getting serious: From February 2nd, 2021 Atlassian will offer further new licenses for server licensing. In addition, Atlassian has already announced that it will raise prices. In order to enable a smooth transition to the “Cloud Experience”, Atlassian offers existing customers for three years [...]

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Home office - is your company equipped for it?

Corona has long since forced change. Many companies have sent some or all of their workforce to the home office. In some cases, the approach is very pragmatic - experienced consultants are brought in, the workforce is provided with high-performance notebooks and the IT team converts its own requirements into functional solutions at a sometimes record-breaking speed. Especially […]

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Zulip 3.0 is here - with a new interface

In times of Corona, work in the home office has increased sharply and has consequently led to an extended use of the corresponding tools, among other things, the team chat software Zulip used by ORMI.Cloud is enjoying growing popularity. Zulip is a chat application and can best be compared to Slack. In addition to the asynchronous [...]

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Asynchronous communication promotes productive work

Asynchronous communication is essential for collaboration in remote teams, but also in many on-location companies, but of a certain magnitude. Starting with team members with different working hours, in different time zones, to managers and other people who are in meetings and calls all day, and in between or even in the evening hours, the [...]

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ORMI.cloud V1.1

The private cloud innovation of the year comes from the Westerwald - and it does not come from the 1 & 1 A path to independence starts in the north of the Westerwald Use the cloud without giving up your own data sovereignty. Those who shy away from the large public cloud providers such as Google & Co. for reasons of data sovereignty or dependency can operate [...]

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Why you should use a marketing calendar

Those who already use one may not be able to do without it, but if you have not yet used or have not used a marketing calendar, mg ask yourself - why actually use a marketing calendar? I know what I'm going to do and plan. To the "why?" To summarize in a single sentence: "To ensure that the overall picture [...]

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What does my team need to be able to work from home?

Working from home is of course not possible for every business. However, if it is a computer workstation, the prerequisites are good that it can be relocated to the home office with little effort. This is of course easiest with a notebook. You should generally respond to the following requirements when moving your job [...]

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How do remote teams work in the cloud?

The number of companies that allow remote work or at least experiment with it is steadily increasing. And that's no longer limited to nerdy online startups or freelancers - remote work has become a real trend. At least in the area of online companies and service providers, because it is also clear that this concept is not for everyone [...]

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Is private cloud only for large companies?

The cloud has long since found its way into everyday business. Many companies take advantage of the option of storing data in the cloud, using software via the cloud and collaborating with others using chat and video conferencing. The best-known applications include services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Hubspot, Zoom and Salesforce. [...]

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