Cloud: advantages for every company

Cloud is not the future, but the present It all started with One Drive (2007) and Dropbox (2008), which were among the first to build up an ever-increasing number of users who put data in the cloud. Apple launched iCloud in 2011, followed shortly after by other large calibers such as Google Drive and Adobe Cloud. At least since […]

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Confluence 7.0 is here

Atlassian recently introduced Confluence 7.0 and to anticipate it right away, yes, of course we have already set up the update and your Confluence at ORMI.Cloud is already up to date. Confluence has become leaner Atlassian's update, according to its own words, has focused on the essentials concentrated and in the improvements and innovations administrators and companies [...]

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Why do we offer Confluence Hosting?

In my role as a management consultant, I've been working with Atlassian's software since around 2012. It all started with Atlassian's Confluence. But it is not the only tool that my customers and I from the Australian software manufacturer use: JIRA and Bitbucket in particular are the other tools that are used in everyday business today [...]

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