Cloud: advantages for every company

Cloud is not the future, but the present

It felt like it started with One Drive (2007) and Dropbox (2008), which were among the first to build up an ever-increasing number of users who put data in the cloud.

Apple launched iCloud in 2011, followed shortly after by other large calibers such as Google Drive and Adobe Cloud. Since a number of users have been taking photos with their smartphones and these are automatically loaded into the cloud so that we can view them on the smart TV, the cloud has also reached the masses.

However, many companies have not yet made the move to the cloud and are sticking to their self-hosted solutions. This mainly affects sole proprietorships as well as small and medium-sized companies.

The reasons for this are primarily the supposedly high costs, the question of security and data protection (GDPR), followed by concerns about possible downtime of the server, poor scalability and poor support.

When the cloud was still in its infancy, this was certainly true and the large providers are known to be not tailored to smaller needs - but now there is no longer a manageable number of solutions and providers.

Sure, you have to invest some time to find a suitable provider - an investment that pays off.

Most users choose the cloud because it allows them to concentrate on their core business.

Cloud computing offers many advantages. Not only large, established companies, but an increasing number of sole proprietorships, small companies and start-ups are increasingly relying on the possibilities of the cloud and thus improving their economic position. In simple terms, it can be said that the cloud has done a lot of time-consuming and simply annoying activities that keep us from doing our core business. We have summarized some of the most popular ones here:

5 reasons to choose the cloud


Teams are able to organize themselves faster. Access can be set up and managed in a flash. Once uploaded, data and information are available immediately and synchronously at the click of a mouse.

Improved productivity

Make collaboration in projects more efficient. Use digital project rooms as common data storage and for secure communication.

Simply upload files and send a link with a password. This not only saves bandwidth, but also protects your customers' email inbox.

Reduced administration costs

Physical hardware, maintenance, your own server room and other hidden management costs can be expensive - if you can even afford such a setup, the cloud will save you money and stress.

Manual upgrades on nights and weekends are also a thing of the past, so dedicate the available time and resources to your customers and projects.


Files in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection. Regardless of whether you are in the office or traveling - or you switch from your desktop to your laptop during a trade fair, you have a mobile office with worldwide access.

Data security

Offer your partners and customers a secure, web-based workspace. GDPR compliance and the highest level of security against third-party access are important issues. Leave these topics to someone who is familiar with them and save time and avoid unwanted surprises, such as data loss due to a damaged hard drive.

Confluence in the cloud?

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