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Atlassian's Confluence is a workspace for your team where knowledge and collaboration come together to achieve great things together.
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What is Confluence?

Confluence is a commercial enterprise wiki software and ideal for open teamwork.

It is used as a leading knowledge management tool for project planning, for creating meeting notes, marketing plans, product requirements, how-to articles and process guides, among other things.

A central source of information for your entire team

Create, organize and work on tasks together - all in one place

Knowledge management

Your central source of information

Save time by leveraging the collective knowledge of your teams to provide easy-to-find answers for all team members.


Move tasks forward efficiently

From actionable meeting notes to inspiring project planning - with a flexible work environment you involve the whole team.

flow of information

Dissolve team silos for good

An open, networked structure ensures the unimpeded flow of information between employees and strengthens the corporate culture.

Enterprise-grade security

Confluence was specially developed for growing teams who need a secure and reliable basis for working together on their mission-critical projects. With Confluence, your team's site is protected with industry-verified security and privacy controls, as well as data encryption and compliance. So you can safely scale your company.

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