Home office compulsory. Every problem is also an opportunity.

Minister of Labor Heil has one on January 20th Regulation for more home office issued: Wherever possible, employers must now offer this. Exceptions should only be allowed for compelling operational reasons. However, employees cannot be forced to accept this offer. 

The pressure to put more home offices into practice has thus increased and it will be one here clear signal from politics Posted. An actual one From a legal point of view, home office is not yet mandatory, although there is no doubt that quite a few companies will find themselves under a certain obligation to implement this. 

Medium-sized and small businesses in particular now need solutions

For entrepreneurs in Germany - and not only in this country - the COVID 19 crisis represents one of the greatest challenges since the end of the Second World War. In this role, many companies are currently having a hard time in the wake of the Corona-related restrictions and innovations. The usual turnover must be maintained as far as possible in order to ensure economic survival and to preserve jobs, at the same time every employer is obliged to ensure that its employees are protected. Mastering this balancing act is not easy, even if there are already solutions in various industries.

As is so often the case, however, medium-sized and small companies in particular have difficulties suitable and above all affordable solutions to be able to switch to the home office mode.  

To put it simply: for many it is now a question of bare survival.

But what about the facts of the new home office regulation?

We have summarized the most important points:

1. Employers are not allowed to arbitrarily refuse home office inquiries

Companies in which home office can be implemented are encouraged to offer and implement this. Where it is possible and the employee so wishes, it must no longer be arbitrarily refused. - In exceptional cases and where the work cannot be carried out at home, for example with the dental assistant who is needed on site, the company can deny the employee the desire to work from home.

2. Employees may not refuse home office offers for no reason

Conversely, employees may not refuse home office offers for no reason if the necessary requirements such as an Internet connection and a suitable computer are available - the company is happy to provide the latter.

3. Employers must help set up the home office

Working from home also means that the employee needs certain resources to do so at home. In terms of labor law, it cannot be assumed that a computer and Internet connection are already available. Here the employer is obliged to provide the necessary resources.

3. Checks only in absolute special cases

There are demands from politics that, in case of doubt, there are also controls of the home office regulation. However, Minister of Labor Heil said in a recent interview that the Authorities only act in an absolute conflict will. So where a home office cannot be implemented, there is simply nothing to control.

The pandemic serves as a test and opportunity for home offices

The topic of home office or remote work is nothing new as insiders know, of course. However, it was not until the pandemic that it came into the focus of the masses. If one looks at the home office regulation optimistically, this also includes the opportunity for companies to practice such concepts in practice. Finally, there are also advantages for employers and employees. Less office space is needed, there are no travel times to work and in many cases the working day can be organized more flexibly.

ORMI.cloud as a door opener and companion in the home office

We ourselves are positioned in the medium-sized and small business segment, for that reason alone we understand the challenges and worries of our partners and customers - we are actually right in the middle of it instead of just being there. 

Our solution as a software platform Home office operation for teams to enable, was developed from the claim to maintain your own data sovereignty and to enable functions that are especially tailored to the requirements of small to medium-sized companies. With our expertise and service, we replace the mostly non-existent IT department. Right now wins ORMI.cloud as an alternative to complex and cost-intensive solutions.

Contact us now and leave us a no-obligation and free consultation lead - how we enable you and your team to work effectively and quickly in the home office.

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