Home office - is your company equipped for it?

Corona has long since forced change. Many companies have sent some or all of their workforce to the home office. In some cases, the approach is very pragmatic - experienced consultants are brought in, the workforce is provided with high-performance notebooks and the IT team converts its own requirements into functional solutions at a sometimes record-breaking speed.

However, the situation usually looks very different, especially for small to medium-sized companies and a number of start-ups. As a result of COVID-19, they sometimes have to cope with large drops in sales. Quite a few companies find it difficult to let their employees work from home. You have to change work processes, invest in technology and software. That costs money, which right now is usually more than scarce.

That currently the policy Right to work from home discussed in a media-appropriate manner or something Atlassian is currently raising prices, one may be able to see from different positions. What is certain is that it will build up further pressure for small and medium-sized companies. 

Home office has become socially acceptable

The media hype also has a positive aspect, the topic of home office has reached a broad masses beyond the young agency types who use the wifi in the cafe with their high-end notebook. 

Interest is aroused and the drive to try it increases. For those who already worked a lot in or with home office before the Corona era, a certain satisfaction is sometimes noticeable - home office is finally understood as a serious alternative for a better balance between work and private life. However, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance and problem areas become visible.

Home office has not really been easy to implement up to now, let alone suitable for the masses.

In many companies and professions, working from home is simply not an option. A baker, for example, cannot just bake his rolls at home and then send it to his customers by courier, even if the idea might be appealing.

But even within digital companies, handing a laptop into the hand of employees is not enough.

Above all, companies that have had little or no contact with home office and remote work so far are facing a major challenge.

It also hits people on a personal level. Employees are confronted with a completely new situation that goes far beyond just learning new tools. 

Whether you organize and implement “home office” for the company yourself or hire a manager to do it - the situation raises a number of questionswhich cannot be easily answered without expert help.

Is my company really equipped for home office?

The challenge for companies that have never been confronted with home office is greatest here. It becomes specific when the home office suddenly has to be implemented and organized. For example, because the employees have to stay at home or are increasingly demanding this, or because your own boss assigns you to do it. 

Companies or individuals who can already look back on experience in the remote work area usually know the common and suitable tools. The question of a suitable overall concept usually arises here and of course the costs play a major role here. It applies affordable alternatives to find.

ORMI.cloud as a complete solution for the home office!?

As a product, ORMI.cloud offers a complete software package for teams to work from home. The necessary IT services and servers are also covered. As a result, a full-fledged alternative to the “large” platforms, attractively priced and, on top of that, fully GDPR compliant.

However, there is no general answer to whether ORMI.cloud is the right solution. The claims are known to be different and solutions can be modified to a certain extent. 

That is why we offer a very uncomplicated, non-binding and free trial month and if you have further questions, Contact us gladly, or arrange one directly non-binding direct advice

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