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Jitsi is a web-based app for video chats and conferences, with some additional practical features.
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What is Jitsi?

With Jitsi Meet you can start a video chat with just one click. Participants can use the simple URL that you set and in the Zulip team chat or share externally, join your meeting. In addition to video chat, you can share your screen or YouTube video and even record the meeting. A text chat window for questions or comments is also integrated - this is very helpful during presentations, for example, in order not to have to interrupt them. A practical feature for moderators at larger meetings: You can mute all participants with one click, for example to eliminate disturbing background noise.

Jitsi features at a glance

video conference

Start video or audio chat with one or more participants with just one click

Screen sharing

Share your desktop or specific windows to show content to other participants


Use the integrated chat function to share text-based content with other participants

GDPR compliant

Jitsi also works without login data or registration and is fully GDPR-compliant. Unlike other providers, Jitsi does not collect a huge amount of data. In addition, no personal data is collected, as no account is required for use. A meeting can also be password-protected against unauthorized participation. You can also easily bring your customers or external guests into the meeting via a link. Of course, we use German servers for hosting to ensure the highest possible level of data protection and, above all, your data sovereignty.

Full device compatibility

Jitsi Meet is integrated into your setup with ORMI.cloud and works directly from your Zulip team chat but is also available as a web app and as a smartphone app for Android and iOS. You can join a meeting using your PC or, if you are on the move, you can also use your smartphone. The practical subtleties make Jitsi shine here. You don't need a long link to take part in a video chat on your smartphone, for example - you simply enter the conference name of your meeting in the input field at the top of the app's screen.

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