No more Atlassian Server licenses from February 2021

Atlassian announced on its own blog in October 2020 that things are getting serious: From February 2nd, 2021, Atlassian will offer further new licenses for server licensing. In addition, Atlassian has already announced that it will raise prices.

To ensure a smooth transition into the "Cloud experience”Atlassian offers existing customers three years of support and maintenance for their server products. This still makes it possible continue with existing server licensing until February 2nd, 2024 and still be able to enjoy full support.

Support for server products will continue until 02/02/2022. After 02/02/2022, Atlassian will only provide security bug fixes until the end of support in 2024.

Secure an Atlassian license now?

If you are not yet using a Jira license or no ORMI.cloud at all, then until February 02, 2021 the opportunity this way Jira and also Confluence for use within the ORMI.Cloud at an affordable price and with full support for one year - after the deadline on 02/02/2021 this is no longer possible.

What does this mean for Atlassian on ORMI.cloud?

In addition to the Atlassian Cloud, there will also be a Data Center License for installations with 500 or more users in the future - this is then also on premise, but is self-explanatory only suitable for very large companies. 

For most users, those who want to continue using Atlassian products will ultimately be forced into the cloud and have to give up their data sovereignty. From Atlassian's perspective, this is certainly a comprehensible step, as the costs are significantly optimized here. 

For ORMI.cloud, our philosophy and the responsibility towards our customers, this is of course a no-go!

Our team is already working on the integration of alternative solutions. These will be available well before the end of Atlassian Support - our current schedule looks as if it is the first quarter of 2021 in front. We will of course keep you informed about this and will ensure a seamless transition.

ORMI.cloud will be happy to help you!

We are here for you to support you with questions about ORMI.cloud and the acquisition of an Atlassian Jira and of course Confluence license.

Contact us gladly directly, or arrange one with us free and non-binding direct advice

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