We are the cloud service provider for independent and free spirits.

We help to enable cooperation in companies & agile teams free of constraints and specifications. We offer an alternative to the large SaaS and public cloud providers, when you use them you usually pay by giving up your own data sovereignty.

Remote office can be so easy - with ORMI.cloud

ORMI.cloud offers a business-ready alternative to commercial solutions such as Slack, Zoom, Dropbox and Google Drive - without having to forego the usual convenience and user-friendliness. On the contrary, our solution is tailored to your requirements and offers you additional functions, the highest level of security and data protection in accordance with German standards, full control and data sovereignty, and is 100% GDPR compliant.


executive Director
The question of how to organize the cooperation of a team as simply, effectively and independently of constraints as possible has fascinated me for many years. ORMI.cloud should come as close as possible to my idea of an ideal teamwork platform and the desire for independence. We are continuously expanding our offer and I hope that you will help us to achieve this goal. So please let me know at any time what requirements and expectations you have of the ideal teamwork platform.

Martin Blaha

Our vision

Design a work environment in which teams can work together efficiently online without giving up their own data sovereignty.

Independence & data sovereignty

In contrast to the use of software-as-a-service offers in the public cloud, with us you are in control of the situation at all times. While large SaaS providers can change course, with us you are independent of these decisions. It is your server on which your software runs and your data is stored. You retain full data sovereignty.

Open standards

We rely largely on open source software to ensure you have technical flexibility and accessibility.

User-centered service

We trust in successful cooperation and build sustainable success on this. We stand by our customers as a reliable partner throughout.
"Martin, it's always about people."

- Ernie, my client and later mentor on my question, which mainly concerns him in managing an organization.


top manager

Our history

2010 has been 3P Consulting founded as a consultancy for the internet industry, with our focus on clients in the hosting industry. Shortly afterwards, we started developing a Cloud and SaaS based collaboration solution for teams started and can establish this in the closer circle of customers.

In addition to the steadily growing need for good online collaboration solutions, the awareness and demand for online security and your own data sovereignty has also grown in recent years.

Out of this claim and the experience we have gained with our partners and customers over the years, arose 2019 after almost two years of development ORMI.cloud and has been continuously improved and expanded since then.


Product inquiries & support:

+49 2742 9592581
We are there on weekdays from 9 - 17 clock for you.
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