ORMI.cloud V1.1

The private cloud innovation of the year comes from the Westerwald - and it does not come from 1 & 1 (Zwinkern)

A path to independence starts in the north of the Westerwald

Use the cloud without giving up your own data sovereignty. Those who shy away from the large public cloud providers like Google & Co. for reasons of data sovereignty or dependency can leave the operation of functionally comparable software to the ORMI.Cloud team. The ORMI.Cloud server, which has been available since May 2020, is ready for collaboration in a few minutes with pre-installed software. Remote teams can be organized efficiently with the help of the installed applications. The price includes maintenance of the system and updating the installed software. "That takes the strain off your own IT team, saves time and nerves and the IT budget," says Martin Blaha, management consultant and managing director of ORMI.Cloud operator 3P Consulting GmbH from Fensdorf in the Westerwald.

"As a management consultant, I've been observing for years how teams do their work remotely or across multiple locations. The organizations in this environment primarily use SaaS or public cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack or Zoom - just to to name a couple in order to completely digitize the workflow along the work organization. This unfolds enormous potential compared to pure e-mail-based communication ", says Martin Blaha, who has been hosting and cloud provider with his company since 2010 when it comes to product issues - and project management advises. "The problem, however, is: you have to accept that you will become dependent on large, mostly US-American providers. Although this is absolutely fine for a majority of companies, many entrepreneurs, associations, Schools and other organizations looking for a German or European alternative. We think that with ORMI.cloud we have an interesting offer for this group. "

Private cloud - the personal cloud alternative

The customer's ORMI.cloud server is operated in the Nuremberg data center of the Hetzner company. The customer data never leaves this server. The backups are implemented using snapshots. This also simplifies the relocation of a server, should the customer want to take over the administration himself at some point. One of the advantages of the cloud is that the performance of the server can optionally be scaled and thus grow with the size of the customer.

The current version of the server comes with pre-installed Enterprise Wiki Confluence V7.4 from Atlassian, as well as the file sharing software Nextcloud V18 including the online office function Collabora and Zulip V2.1 as a team chat alternative to Slack & Co. The offer is aimed at to teams of up to 10 people (based on the included Confluence license, Nextcloud and Zulip can be used by more than 10 people). "We want to achieve the best user experience with an attractive and balanced selection of commercial and open source software and at the same time create an offer that is as lucrative as possible in terms of price. Interested parties can visit the website https://OrganisedMinds.Cloud start a 30-day free test and convince yourself of the product and our service ", recommends Martin Blaha, who is from the Westerwald region.

Company information

The company 3P Consulting GmbH was originally founded in Karlsruhe in 2011 as OrganizedMinds GmbH with the aim of freeing the organization of cooperation, especially in product and project teams, from frustration and wasted time using great software that was specially developed for this purpose. Although the range of products and services offered by 3P Consulting GmbH looks different today, the motivation to design the cooperation between man and machine in such a way that it helps people and optimizes the machine accordingly is still the creative driving force behind the company.

Press contact

Martin Blaha, 3P Consulting GmbH, pr at organizedminds.cloud, phone +49 2742 9592581


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