The productivity machine.

Teamwork in the cloud without compromising your own data sovereignty or independence.

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Your new team member

All aspects of collaboration: the ORMI.cloud server was designed so that you can work independently, quickly and flexibly with your team.


We use the data center of the company Hetzner


Whether storage space or performance, your cloud server can grow on demand


Minimum contract period is only one month


Best solutions for collaboration and communication preinstalled


The apps and data are located on a separate cloud server


We take care of the server operation and updates

ORMI.cloud server

Comes with leading software for teams

NEXTCLOUD - your own cloud

Nextcloud is used for the encrypted storage of data (file hosting) on your own cloud server and also offers a range of additional functions.

• File sharing
• Contact management
• Calendar
• Workflow management
• Numerous optional add-ons

COLLABORA - the office suite suitable for companies

With us, Nextcloud comes preinstalled with the online office suite Collabora. This means that all common Office documents can be opened and edited - online and, if you want, with others in real time!

• Text, tables, presentations
• Regular updates
• Mobile apps for Andoird & iOS
• 100% Compatible with Microsoft Office files


Zulip combines real-time chat with the thematic division into "streams". The communication in the team is finally clear and efficient.

• Quoting and Answers
• Invite guests
• Send files
• Mail threading
• Organize channels and groups

JITSI - the GDPR compliant video conference solution

With Jitsi, video conferences can be started with a click of the mouse, other participants can be invited via link and without registration - without any installation or registration.

• Screen sharing
• Chat function
• GDPR compliant
• Full Nextcloud integration

YouTrack - The Jira alternative for project and task management

YouTrack makes it much easier to organize projects. Tasks remain in real-time in an overview and the goal in sight. 

• Assign & manage tasks
• Schedule & project plan overview
• Flexible Kanban board
• Real-time reporting functions
• Can also be used via mobile devices
• Simple data transfer from Jira
• Expandable with add-ons

BookStack - the company wiki

BookStack is a workspace for teams where knowledge and collaboration meet. Dynamic pages offer your team a place to create, record and collaborate on projects, processes or ideas.

• Easily share knowledge
• Create and freely edit pages
• Multilingual platform
• Simple user and rights management

The entry into remote task management

Wekan is an uncomplicated tool to manage remote projects and tasks.

• Assign and manage tasks
• Also suitable for beginners
• Simple user and rights management

Operated on a cloud infrastructure that can keep up with your requirements

Our ORMI.cloud Servers come fully set up and pre-configured for your needs with sufficient RAM, vCPU performance, NVMe SSD storage space and traffic. The performance and capacity of the server can optionally be expanded:


4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB. 64GB or 128GB


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


2, 3, 4, 8, 16 or 32 vCPU


NVMe SSD storage space expandable up to 10 TB per server


80, 160, 240 or 360GB


Nurnberg, Germany

What are the advantages of the ORMI.cloud solution?

"With us you go the pragmatic way."


In contrast to the use of software-as-a-service offers in the public cloud, with us you are in control of the situation at all times. While large SaaS providers can change course, with us you are independent of these decisions. It is your server on which your software runs and your data is stored.


Open source software means more freedom and security. Open standards. Compatibility with other software solutions and IT systems. Low to no license fees, development in-house, with us or with freely selectable IT service providers.


You don't have to worry about the administration of the cloud server. Focus on using the apps. We take care of the server setup and software installation, monitor operations, create daily backups and keep the system up to date.


We operate the software for you on our own ORMI.cloud server in the Hetzner data center. Your advantage: the data is located on a virtual server that is exclusively available to you. We take care of the server maintenance and can flexibly change the server parameters such as memory and performance if necessary.

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Allocate and manage tasks, control projects, flexible Kanban board - with the YouTrack software from Jetbrain you can do all of this very easily. With the basic license included with us, up to 10 users can create content in YouTrack. If you have a larger team, we will help you to acquire the right license from Jetbrains.


Consulting and Professional Services
Benefit from our many years of experience in the cloud and hosting sector. Simply consult with us about your ideas and projects relating to the cloud. We're here to support your business. This also means that we take care of the administration and care of the operation of the cloud IT for you. We have fully automated as well as individual solutions ready for this.

Our personal support will be happy to answer your questions by email or by phone from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Comparison SaaS vs. Self Hosted Vs. Fully managed


Self Hosted

ORMI.cloud server

Applications can be used immediately
You have to install and set everything up yourself first
License type of offered applications
Cloud, terminable monthly
If necessary purchase license server, optional annual maintenance
If necessary purchase license server, optional annual maintenance
Applications can be extended individually
Infrastructure scalable
Depends on your setup
Influence on change management (eg, maintenance window)
Includes individual support
Comes without own IT department
Location of the data center
Not always in Germany or EU
Depends on your setup
Nurnberg, Germany

Common questions

What is an ORMI.cloud server suitable for?

With an ORMI.cloud server you can organize the collaboration and communication in your team professionally and reliably. With us you can document projects, set up your intranet, chat with your team or hold video conferences, as well as share folders and files or even edit them with others in real time. And the data never leaves your server - so you retain data sovereignty.

What is a fully managed service?

This means that we take care of the server operation and its administration on the operating system level. In addition, we regularly update the installed applications and make sure that everything runs as it should. This is technically possible because we have administration rights on your server. By the way, we can also advise you on questions relating to the applications we offer.

How many users is the ORMI.cloud server designed for?

We designed the standard product so that at least a team of 10 users can work together in real time. At YouTrack, the number of active users is limited to 10 by the license we provide, but the other applications are not subject to this limitation. For example, it is easily possible to increase the performance of the server with more team members or to purchase the YouTrack license for more than 10 users. 

Is ORMI.cloud Server safe and reliable?

We operate the ORMI.cloud in the data center of Hetzner company and use the German location in Nuremberg. The technical readiness of your server is monitored by us 24/7 and we create daily backups.

How can I test the product for free first?

You can here is a free trial order for 30 days. All we need is your email address. Otherwise, the first month as a trial period is always free of charge for all orders.

What are the contract terms?

If you no longer want to use our service, you can cancel at any time with 4 weeks to the end of the month. We also offer annual contracts for which we grant a discount of two monthly basic fees.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Just call and send an email. You can find the contact details at the top right of the website. You can also arrange a free video conference appointment with us: suggest your preferred date here.

A fair pricing model

from € 49 net per month
The ORMI.cloud server includes everything you need to start immediately with the pre-installed teamwork software, and it includes our standard support package.

Our Standard support package - includes everything you need:

We judge yours server take care of its operation and OS updates
We install the chosen one Software and take care of the updates
For commercial software, we organize the necessary according to the number of users license
Your server is backed up daily, we hold the last 7 backups ready
Our Support is there for you by email or phone from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
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