Why you should use a marketing calendar

Those who already use one may not miss it anymore, but if you have not yet used a marketing calendar or have not used it, mg ask yourself - why actually use a marketing calendar? I know what I'm going to do and plan.

To that "Why?" to summarize in a single sentence: "To make sure the big picture is realized." And in order to do this, it is essential that you keep track of all your activities, plans and appointments - it is often underestimated or even disregarded to keep the interest groups up to date.

It doesn't matter if it's one of your customers, managers, or even your CEO - at some point people outside of the marketing department want to be informed and know what's going on. But it is also very useful for working with teammates to have a source that contains the most important information in an overview and is understandable and quick to grasp even for non-marketing experts.

Which projects and tasks belong in the marketing calendar?

Of course, that always depends on the individual case. But you should always be careful not to go into too much detail. In this way, you remain able to update your marketing calendar without spending too much time. Customers or superiors are usually less interested in the fine details, but rather want to get a quick and above all easily comprehensible overview - they are more interested in the overall picture.

What is mostly in different marketing calendars:

  • Current projects
  • Start dates & deadlines
  • Estimated Results - Goals
  • Estimated Cost - Marketing Budget
  • Who is responsible

This overview enables everyone to quickly get a good overview of what is happening when and with what efforts and expected results. You can act better yourself if project dates change, new projects are added or if you are asked again for relevant key figures.

How does that look in practice?

An example from my own professional life - I enter in my marketing calendar which social media posts I write within a month and add the expected number of clicks and the costs for promoting the posts. Likewise, the start and end of paid ads campaigns and trade fair events with the same dates. 

So I can see at a glance what is happening when, but can also name the monthly budget or the total clicks in seconds. This helps me tremendously in meetings with other managers, but also when it comes to changing something that has already been planned. 

Here is an overview of what I enter in my marketing calendar:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletter
  • Events
  • Campaigns
  • Key tasks (e.g. building a strategy, creating a new marketing brochure)

If you want to add more details, don't be put off because it is your work tool and accordingly you can customize it to suit your needs.

The rule is simple - everything can, nothing has to.  

The marketing calendar in Confluence

Of course, Confluence is not the only platform where you can create a good marketing calendar. Since we are assuming that you are already working with Confluence or that you plan to do so in the near future, it naturally makes more sense to create everything within one platform and to use the advantages of Confluence as a wiki and tool for teamwork.

As an example and perhaps inspiration, our marketing timeline:

Our marketing calendar:

Confluence offers a variety of options for creating easy-to-understand overviews. We recommend being inspired by existing examples but ultimately creating your own marketing calendar according to your personal requirements.

Are you interested in your own solution?

If you are interested in what a solution could look like for you and your team, contact us. We offer you one non-binding and first direct consultation. Or try out Confluence now, directly and without obligation, with our free one Test account - without automatic renewal.

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