The entry into remote task management

Wekan is an uncomplicated tool to manage remote projects and tasks.
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What is wekan?

The Wekan Kanban board shows you at a glance what is being worked on, who is working on what and where something is in a process.

As a tool, Wekan remains easy to use because it focuses on the essentials and is not overloaded with functions. 

Wekan is therefore perfect for smaller teams and, above all, for easy entry into a remote work environment.

Remote task management made easy.

Wekan helps to visualize the flow of work and is ideally suited for project management as well as for planning and structuring regular work tasks.

In the classic Kanban model, three columns are used: to-dos, in progress and done. The tasks are postponed depending on their status on the Kanban board.

Flexible user management.

With Wekan, user and access management can be managed easily and conveniently - without any IT knowledge.

A high level of security.

We rely largely on open source software, also at Wekan, in order to provide you with technical flexibility and accessibility as well as the highest level of security.

ORMI.cloud for a quick start

We offer you a full-service solution: individual advice, licensing, setup and hosting.
This means you can easily get started with work and ensure consistency across projects and teams.
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