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OrganisedMinds.com on March 31, 2021 switch off!
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We'll be at OrganizedMinds.com on 31.3.2021 switch off. Find out now about OrganizedMinds.Cloud. Switch to our new service and get 25% permanent discount! use this Coupon code "welcometoormicloud202"with your order.

Martin Blaha

Co-founder of OrganisedMinds.com and
Managing Director 3P Consulting GmbH

A personal message from the co-founder of OrganisedMinds.com


OrganizedMinds.com is now simply outdated as a stand-alone solution and has been in maintenance mode for 3 years. Today we inform you that we will discontinue OrganizedMinds.com as of March 31, 2021.

For most of our users, this news comes as no surprise. I have spoken to many of you personally or have been in contact by email.

When we started working on our software solution in 2010, the interested user could only choose from a few. We were convinced that we could compete with these and those who could come - we were taught another. We've learned so much on the go so we're grateful for every single lesson, no matter how painful or expensive it may have been.

And yet, today, when a chapter comes to an end, we look forward joyfully. With ORMI.cloud Today we present a solution for cooperation in the team! Best, thousandfold tested standard software on a flexible cloud server, which we manage for you. That means your server, your data. More information on this website or just give us a call!


Martin Blaha
executive Director

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