Zulip 3.0 is here - with a new interface

In times of Corona, work in the home office has increased significantly and has consequently led to an expanded use of the corresponding tools, including the one used by ORMI.Cloud Team chat software Zulip growing popularity.

Zulip is a chat application and can best be compared to Slack. It allows besides the asynchronous communication but also the "email threading" chat model, which significantly improves readability. Independent creation of groups (called streams) and related topics is possible via the interface.

We are all the more pleased that the development team has now released Zulip 3.0 with some outstanding updates. To anticipate it right away, the new version is already set up with ORMI.Cloud - still including the Video chat software Jitsiso that the video conference can also be started with a simple click of the mouse. But now to the actual topic:

Zulip 3.0 - What are the highlights?

The user experience has been polished up

Anyone who already knows and uses Zulip will immediately find it updated user interface catch the eye, which is visually a bit more modern. The navigation bar is now tidier and now also shows stream descriptions. This was the second most requested feature by users.

"Recent Topics" was added as a beta version and is a useful new interface for browsing conversations. 

Improved message formatting

Zulip has added an innovative new feature to make it easier to schedule meetings with global participants. With a date picker, dates and, above all, times can be set, which Zulip automatically displays in the respective time zone of the other team members. The annoying looking or asking what time is actually meant is no longer necessary.

The new Quote-and-reply function (Quote n Reply) automatically creates a convenient link to the referenced message. 

The notifications have now also been given their own UI, which allows the most important settings with just a few clicks.

Little things like the new and trendy one Day and night mode complete the picture. You can tell that, far from constantly new technical milestones, you have also thought of the user and made his life more pleasant.


Zulip now has (almost) complete translations for 16 languages: Chinese, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian as well as English. Other languages are already in the works, which also shows that Zulip is cementing its position and consistency.

Zulip 3.0 is also technically better

Perhaps less interesting for the end user, but it is at least worth mentioning that a lot has happened “under the hood”, on the technical side. For service providers like us at ORMI.Cloud, completely revised documentation is now available, the installation and integration with servers has been updated and significantly improved. For end users and our customers, this means better performance, as well as increased stability and security.

A complete overview of all innovationsthere is n on the Zulip blog in English.

Advice, configuration and installation

Zulip is an integral part of ORMI.Cloud and we are specialists in installing and configuring the system. So you can confidently concentrate on what is important to you and leave the technical part to us. We would be happy to present you the advantages of ORMI.Cloud and more details about Zulip in a non-binding presentation and consultation.

Are you interested in your own solution?

If you are interested in what a solution could look like for you and your team, contact us. We offer you one non-binding and first direct consultation. Or try out Confluence now, directly and without obligation, with our free one Test account - without automatic renewal.

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